Friday, January 17, 2014

Me an author? Hmm...guess we'll see!

So I have three Works In Progress going right now and while I am really hoping to be able to finish all three of them this year I would be happy just finishing one of them.  None of them is currently over 20,000 words as of yet and I want them to be a decent length so I have some work cut out for me.  I literally just came up with titles for them all minutes ago (usually when I write stories I just use the main characters initials for the title but since I want to start trying to do the whole publishing thing I went ahead and titled them).

  • Let Love In - follows Bentley and Adam as she struggles to let him in after a string of bad relationships and decisions.
  • Love Triumphant - follows Jordan and Travis as they finally dive into their own feelings at last.
  • Journey Just Begun - follows Abigail (Abby or Ab) and Kyle as they start a new journey together after keeping their love a secret for so long.
Journey Just Begun and Love Triumphant I have been working on for some time now but the characters just stopped talking to me.  I have recently been able to get a little bit of work done on Love Triumphant but not too much.  In order to get some work done on Love Triumphant I have set Let Love In aside the last couple days, Bentley and Adam have led me down an insane road and I needed to step away for a bit to see if where they lead next will work with the rest of the story.

I have been writing stories since I was in Middle School.  I would sit in class with my notebook and pen and write stories instead of paying attention in class.  Not to mention I still got good grades.  I still prefer to write my stories in notebooks but that isn't as feasible anymore.  I am currently working two jobs and going to school online for English so I really don't have that much time to write (which is why I'll be lucky to finish one book).

I love to read as well and have recently gotten into the Indie craze that is happening, which is helping me feel a little more comfortable with getting my own books out there.  I am a blogger as well and you will see a few posts on here with reviews of other authors books.  In becoming a blogger/reviewer I have read a bunch of books that I wouldn't deem all that great myself but to each their own and it has helped me gain confidence in my own writing skills.  I have also gained confidence from some of my favorite new authors.

In the near future I hope to be able to quit my second job and become a book editor, as well as writing my own books and being a librarian.  I want to use my English degree for more than just writing and I do not in the least want to teach.  I hate being in charge of

On the facebook page I have been posting excerpts from Let Love In and even have pics of who I think the main characters would look like.  If you think I'm crazy that's fine but I am not a huge fan of the Sylvia Day or Fifty Shades type books so you will never see anything like that from me.  Don't get me wrong I love a steamy sex scene in a book and Love Triumphant has a few scenes like that right now, I just didn't like that kind of book.  Maybe that is the Mormon religion that is left in me talking I don't know.

I hope you keep up to date on the books and I'm hoping to be looking for Beta Readers for at least one of them soon.  If the Beta Readers enjoy them I guess I will have to start my own street team.  Only if my beta's like them though.  If you would be interested in being a Beta reader feel free to PM me on the Facebook Page... and don't forget to like the page in order to get all the details on the books as they become available. 

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