Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Banded Together and No Strings Attached Reviews...

You've asked for them, some have even begged for more of the Walker twins. 'Banded Together' is a continuation of the Rebel Walking Series that will give you insight on Talon and Eaven's wedding as well as the rest of the characters in the series. Taron and Ivy are not left out of this one and you'll quickly see the banter between them remains.

The previous books in the Rebel Walking Series should be read before this one for the best experience and optimal character development.

This is a novella that adds to Taron and Ivy's story as well as Talon and Eaven's story.  It kind of neatly wraps up their stories.  It also kind of kicks of Luke and Lilly's story which starts in book 3.  Let me just say that I love the Rebel Walking group.  Taron and Ivy are by far my favorite for now.  I loved this book and a look further into these amazing characters lives.  If you loved books one and two this one is just as amazing.  

5 Rockin Stars


Luke Jacobs, guitarist for Rebel Walking, is living the life of a rock star. From parties to women, Luke seems to have it all. Just as Luke starts to feel like everything is going his way, he gives in to the temptation of what has always been right in front of him, yet forbidden.

Bass guitarist, Lilly Taylor, has had her eyes on Luke for quite some time. However, Luke’s reputation has always kept her from getting too close.

How will their worlds change when the two collide? Will Rebel Walking be ruined, or can they overcome the consequences of their actions?


OMG OMG OMG!!!  Your killing me Hilary.  This book had me in tears by the end.  I don't know if it was just what happened or my own personal experiences from the last year mixed with what happened but I literally broke down.  I absolutely loved reading Luke and Lilly's story and can't wait to read more about Luke in his next book.  I need to see what happens with him.  I have no words at all for this book it was just above and beyond amazing.

5 Heartbreaking Stars

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